Of different types: clay court, asphalt, eco-friendly materials of modular pump track. We build real attractions where everyone can have fun and test the skills on a track that has to be ridden without pedaling but just pumping the body.

What is a pump track?

Pump refers to the action that bikers do when riding without pedaling but pumping their body up and down, on a Track composed of bumps and banked turns with a closed circuit. 

It is suitable for all ages. Kids starting from 2 years old can ride safely on their balance bikes. Inste- ad, mountain bikers can improve their technical skills on a pump track. 

A natural social meeting place ideal for organizing contests and races, suitable for all sports on wheels. 

Layout examples

Pump tracks accessories

Portabici in metallo

Metallic bike carrier

Bike carrier made of metal or wood, variable capacity depending on pattern and number



Supply and installation of pre-cultivated turf of graminaceous macrotherms associated with microtherms, variable thickness and size of the plate, after export potential ruined lawn and following preparatory work of laying, refining and leveling, included fixing to the ground through rolling and edge finishing

Regimazione acque

Water regulation

If the soil does not allow the natural outflow of water, it is necessary to create a system for the outflow of rainwater and its connection. Costs depend on the number of wells and discharge distance



logos or additional road sign. It is possibile to insert company or municipality logos, even if they are complex thanks to the thermoplastic technique.

Impianti di irrigazione per pump tracks

Irrigation system

Implementation based on size and shape of the area of an irrigation system to best maintain the turf in the pump track area.


Best projects

A résumé of trail building and destination masterplan full of experience and professionalism. We’ve chosen for you our best works, the ones that we are really proud of. We’ve started from here, but we want to go much far away!